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Packing & Shipping



Customers MUST call us for an "EA #" before shipping equipment to our shop. Please fill out and enclose the EAR Shipping Form and your check for $75. Please include the remote control, it is often necessary for certain repairs. Customers are responsible for shipping fees. We recommend UPS and can provide shipping estimates and custom packing materials.


All units shipped in MUST be double boxed. If you have original boxes and styrofoam packing, use them (as your inside box/box 1). If not:

  1. Wrap the entire unit snug with large bubble wrap (1” bubbles) until there is a cushion of approximately 6” thick. 
  2. Place in box 1. The unit must be packed in box 1 snug so that the unit isn't moving around inside the box.
  3. Place box 1 inside box 2 and be sure all space between box 1 and box 2 is cushioned with at least 3” of cushioning material (bubble wrap or packing peanuts). Be sure the box is tightly packed so that box 1 isn't moving around inside box 2.
  4. Fill out and place EAR Shipping Form in box and seal. If your unit arrives without our shipping form we cannot contact you and therefore will not be able to commence work on your unit.

If you are shipping a turntable, please call for packing instructions.


Customers are responsible for insurance fees.  All units MUST be insured for a minimum of $1,000. Be sure to insure according to the value of your unit; please note, boxes insured for $5,000 with UPS are considered “special shipments” and are handled more carefully.

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